Welcome to Sunny Pet Salon!

At Sunny Pet Salon, we understand that your furry friend is not just a pet – they are a part of your family!

This is why we promise to treat each furry client as a part of our family, receiving a warm welcome in a calming setting. We strive to provide the most comfortable grooming experience possible for your pet so they look forward to their next treatment.

About us

Located in the center of Punat, Sunny Pet Salon provides quality grooming services. The salon offers a range of pet care services consisting primarily of grooming, bathing, nail clips and ear cleans.


We do not use sedation and always recognize the individual needs of your pet. Every customer receives a unique registration card which is completed during your first visit, giving us a full medical and grooming history of your pet.

We choose to use the best quality products to achieve healthy skin and coat of your pet and we are always here for advice and information on subjects such as dietary, behavior, and grooming tips. We understand how our daily lives can leave little time for regular care, which is why we offer special brushing service (between grooming appointments) for high maintenance dogs. This ensures they are kept tangle and matt-free, and we will be able to achieve a high standard of finish every time.

These regular treatments are important as your pet will feel better (painful knots will be avoided, as will odor and irritated skin), and we will get rid of old hair and skin cells which will help the coat “breathe“ – in turn, helping circulation and healthy fur growth.

Labrador Sunny

The salon owner, Romana Zaldana, is a veterinary technologist from New York with many years of experience working in veterinary medicine. Romana moved back to her hometown, acquiring her grooming certification, to begin a new journey with Sunny Pet Salon, which got its name not only because of all the sunny days in Punat, but in memory of her first dog, a fun-loving yellow lab named Sunny.

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